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real-time assessment tool

From observation data to assessment information

The DroneAI project aims at providing an integrated approach to provide a close to real time assessment solutions for disaster relief and humanitarian interventions. It consists of a complete and state-of-the-art solution relying on Artificial Intelligence including a set of tools to enable its application in a time of tension and with high level of flexibility. Drone.AI is combined as an edge processing solution with the mobile, satellite based, telecommunication platform, it creates a unique solution to support the on-site analytics.

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Winning time, saving lives

Drone.AI has been designed to reduce the delay between the capture of the observation data and exploitation of assessment information.
Currently, the exploitation of the observation is performed locally by expert, analysing and manually annotating the observation. The mutual use of AI technologies and edge processing incredibly reduces the delay before the exploitation of information.

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Artificial Intelligence for quick analysis

Artificial Intelligence and in particular computer vision techniques are at core of the Drone.AI capabilities. The AI models are deployed on the field using edge computing techniques. AI is able to process the large amount of data captured by drones at a very high speed. The resulting information can then be used directly by the deployed personnel to plan and prioritise the interventions.

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Each intervention is specific, flexibility is key

Each intervention imposes its proper challenges for the first responders. The assessment operations are therefore always unique to adapt to local conditions and the hazards. It requires the application of adequate AI models to extract valuable information. With Drone.AI, it is possible to select the analytics treatment to apply allowing to fit with the specific constraints.

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